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The industry is a strong sector that functions as the job engine and also has the necessary growth potential. Many important sectors are dependent on this sector and many investments and exports are therefore linked to the (manufacturing) industry. Within all sectors the expectation is that in the future consumers will pay more and more attention to quality, sustainability and health. The sectors translate this demand into sustainable products and services, or combinations thereof. By this we mean all product and market concepts that result in a lower impact on people and the environment. This makes it an essential mission to continue to invest in sustainable innovations on both a technological and social level. Based on experience, we help companies to navigate to success with innovations in these areas.

We share a passion for innovation in this field and are committed to accelerating your project!


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Sustainable industry

Case Kaltenbach Tools

Thanks to the collaboration with Evolvalor, Kaltenbach Tools has learned to take a structural approach to its product developments and the WBSO helps them to structurally reduce innovation costs.