Sustainable industry Case Kaltenbach Tools



The most beautiful product in the world? For Kaltenbach Tools, this is not a hard question: ‘That is steel, of course!’. With this in mind, it is not a surprise that Kaltenbach-Tools has been the brand of steel for 85 years. This producer of metalworking machines is leading in terms of knowledge, technology, range, quality and service. At Kaltenbach-Tools, people with their specific wishes come first, and after that it’s about the machines and tailor-made solutions that suit their wishes.

Because Kaltenbach Tools can find a tailor-made solution for every production problem, a lot of research and development has to be done internally. This made Kaltenbach Tools the perfect candidate for the WBSO. Evolvalor helps Kaltenbach to successfully use the WBSO.

“We have been working with Evolvalor for quite some time now and benefit from the best advice and guidance that we need to be able to apply for the right subsidies. Also, they really help us with the administration and aftercare that isĀ  and thereafter we get help comply to the conditions that are linked to the subsidiy’

After the first WBSO application, Kaltenbach Tools even got the question from the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) why they had not applied for WBSO before. “Because we had no knowledge of WBSO,” said Director George Sypesteyn. Since then, a great collaboration has developed between Evolvalor and Kaltenbach Tools.

“Thanks to the collaboration, we have learned to take a structural approach to developments. This allows Kaltenbach Tools to gradually achieve further and better product improvements “. – George Sypesteyn, Director Kaltenbach Tools.