Grant EIA & Mia/Vamil

The Dutch government encourages companies and entrepreneurs to invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques and facilities. In 2020 the following schemes are in force that you can take advantage of.

Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)

Do you invest in energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy for buildings, transport and / or processes? Or are you investing in heat infrastructure? Then you may be eligible for the EIA scheme. EIA allows you to deduct 45% of the investment costs of energy-saving assets from the taxable profit, on top of your usual depreciation. As a result, you pay less income or corporate tax:

  • At 16.5% corporate tax (on the first € 200,000), the net benefit of an “EIA resource” is: 16.5% x 45% = 7.425% of the investment amount.
  • At 25% corporate tax (part above € 200,000) the net benefit of an ‘EIA resource’ is: 25% x 45% = 11.25% of the investment amount.

Environmental investment allowance (MIA) & Random depreciation of environmental investments (Vamil)

Do you invest in environmentally friendly techniques? You may be eligible for tax benefits:

  • With the MIA you benefit from an investment deduction (of the taxable profit) up to a maximum of 36% of the investment amount, on top of your usual investment deduction. You therefore pay less tax.
  • With the Vamil you can arbitrarily depreciate 75% of the investment costs. This can be done at a time of your choosing and provides a liquidity and interest benefit.

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