Grant DEI+

The DEI + (Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation) subsidy is a scheme for pilot or demonstration projects with a focus on innovations in the field of energy and CO2 reduction.

What does the scheme entail?

The DEI + subsidy is a scheme for entrepreneurs and end users with innovative ideas and techniques with which CO2 emission reduction can be achieved. The subsidy percentages depend on the type of product (pilot project / exp. Development, environmental project / CO2-reducing measures, recycling project, infrastructure project (energy and local), energy efficiency or renewable energy) and varies from 25% to 80% of the project costs directly attributable to the project.

The DEI + 2020 has the following themes:Energy efficiency

  • Renewable energy (incl. Flexibilization of the electricity system, including hydrogen and spatial integration)
  • Local infrastructure
  • CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage)
  • Other CO₂-reducing measures in industry or the electricity sector
  • Natural gas-free homes, neighborhoods and buildings (budget € 9 million);
  • Circular Economy
    • Recycling waste
    • Re-use
    • Biobased raw materials
Budget  and application
The available budget for the DEI + 2020 themes is € 86.1 million. For projects applying for less than € 3 million in subsidy, the maximum term will be until the end of 2020. For projects applying for € 3 million or more, a maximum term of 4 years applies.