Grant SME – Innovation Stimulation Region and Topsectors (MIT)

The SME Innovation Stimulation Region and Topsectors (MIT) is focused on stimulating SME entrepreneurs to act on their plans for innovation. With this instrument SMEs can, in cooperation with other SMEs, apply for subsidy to realize their innovation ambitions. Participation in the MIT is possible by aligning with innovation-activities related to one of the nine topsectors, namely: agro & food, chemistry, creative industry, energy, high tech systems & materials, life sciences & health, horticulture & starting materials, and logistics & water.

  • Feasibility projects – maps the technical and economic risks of a proposed innovation project, resulting in a well-founded go / no go decision. A feasibility project consists of a feasibility study, possibly supplemented with industrial research or experimental development.
    • The maximum subsidy amount is 20,000 euros
    • Projects can be submitted once a year – often in the beginning of April.
  • R&D collaboration projects – focused on technical product, process or service development. The project consists of industrial research and / or experimental development. Implementation is done at joint expense and risk, by at least 2 Dutch SME entrepreneurs. Contribution of complementary knowledge and expertise results from innovative products, services or production processes.
    • Subsidy: 35% of the project costs, up to a maximum of € 100,000 per partner and a maximum of € 200,000 per project.
    • Projects can be submitted once a year – often towards the end of the summer.

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Case Health Thing

Evolvalor successfully helped Health Thing getting the MIT Feasibility subsidy for the innovatice patient peer-to-peer health platform.