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In 2019, owner Rob in ‘t Zand founded “Health Thing Movement” after two life-changing events. Fed from his own experiences, with a great intrinsic motivation, he wants to contribute to the healthcare system. Health-Thing’s primary goal is to connect patients in a way so that people can learn from each other about how to improve well-being during a healthcare process. Health-Thing’s mission is to develop an innovative online health-related peer-to-peer platform for and by users and in co-creation with involved stakeholders and experts.

This means that Health-Thing is in the early stages of innovation. Ideas must be researched and tested, and it must be considered which business and development direction is most feasible. In this phase, many subsidy schemes are interesting because of the many uncertainties and associated risks for the business that Health-Thing in this phase entails. The entrepreneur can use a helping hand in this. Evolvalor has successfully helped Rob find such a helping hand for Health Thing: in the form of an MIT Feasibility subsidy.

Because Rob is full of ideas and because there needs to be researched and developed much more, Evolvalor continues to think along with Health Thing and helps finding the ideal financing mix. We at Evolvalor are happy to help Rob fulfill his mission to become a leading digital health and wellness community in Europe by connecting people who want to improve their wellness. In this, we share his motto: “Do your own Health Thing”!





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