Grant MKB!dea

MKB!dea is intended to stimulate investment in strengthening the knowledge and skills of your staff in an innovative way. On the other hand, the subsidy is not a training budget, but a contribution to solving bottlenecks among SMEs (MKBs) with regard to the training and development of current and future workers.

MKB!dea for:

Innovative solutions to barriers that prevent SMEs from investing more in human capital
• Link with current policy challenges: the idea must remove current obstacles


Examples of barriers:

• Afraid that someone will be bought away
• No idea how or where to start
• Can’t miss staff temporarily
• Often several obstacles at the same time


MKB!dea for your company:

1. Decide how you want to invest in human capital
2. Identify the barriers
3. Come up with a plan for removing barriers
4. Execute the plan

Subsidy costs

  • Subsidy ceiling of € 10 million
  • 100% of the costs incurred and directly related to the implementation of the project are financed by this subsidy scheme.
  • The minimum investment per participant is € 25,000, the maximum investment is € 125,000.
  • For partnerships, the project size is a maximum of € 200,000, with the same limit amounts per participant of € 25,000 and € 125,000.
  • Max group size collaboration is 8 of which min, 5 SMEs.
  • No co-financing required

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Application process

Assessment is done according to the tender principle: only the best projects receive a subsidy. So all applications compete with each other and have the same chance.

The tender opens October 20, 2020 and closes January 19, 2021.