Long-term strategies are created together, fitting the growth objectives of the company per business, geography and time. Our primary focus is on optimizing or redesigning new product development processes; assessing or optimizing current product or services portfolios; and assessing or redefining business models.


Providing detailed planning for growth based on setting clear audacious goals, structured growth milestones, and accompanying key performance indicators in the growth path.

Portfolio Optimization

Providing organization and management of R&D activities focused on a structured pipeline of innovation. Hereby, we aim to build innovation roadmaps using key performance indicators and milestones focusing on quality, time-to-market and cost-efficiency along the R&D value chain.

Business Development

We aim to create profitable breakthrough opportunities by providing comprehensive market intelligence with insights into key macrotrends and identifying the intersection with company capabilities. Our primary focus is to channel business development and strategic alliances in market opportunities – globally.

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