Anke Snijder

We are a team of energetic no-nonsense subsidy consultants with extensive experience within IT, Healthcare and the (sustainable) Industry. Time to introduce ourselves! This is our Subsidy consultant Anke Snijder:

‘Helping others and making the world a bit of a better place: that is my motivation in life. These two important aspects come perfectly together working as a consultant at Evolvalor, by helping entrepreneurs to realize their innovative ideas in the field of Sustainability, IT and Healthcare. It’s fun to be at the frontlines of innovation and see that your help is paying off. I am also involved in the Marketing & Communication of Evolvalor. No day is the same!

In my spare hours I can be found behind a punching bag, on the terrace or watching exciting series on the couch. Discovering new places is my passion. Whether at the top of the Acatenango, in the jungle of Uganda or on the coast of Portugal, I prefer to travel all over the world with a slightly too heavy backpack or with a vintage camper van. When travelling it is okay to (temporarily) miss the fun moments with my friends in Amsterdam.’